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What happened to me and how in the world did I end up here? This is... Never Was. Hosted by Mark Salomon.

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    #41 - ... a frequent Podcaster

    Greetings! Wait, whaaaaa? Just in time for the much-celebrated Twenty SIX year anniversary of MxPX! Okay, so... obviously this is actually part deux of an episode we started last year, acknowledging 25 years of Left Coast Punk Rawk which, by a very circuitous route, I am happy to say is finally happening. Life is complicated - but you already knew that!!! Please, enjoy the conclusion to my conversation with these fellas, and I sincerely hope to be back with you soon. Let's ROCK!

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    #39 - ... a Nurse

    Greetings! We're back again and we brought a friend! Five Iron Frenzy's very own Reese Roper is here y'all. We talk about the beginning, the end, the afterlife and... poop. Oh and, dearest Never Wases: Basic tracks for Stavesacre's upcoming album - made possible largely by YOU - are DONE. What does that have to do with podcasts? Well, as it turns out quite a lot. Guess you just have to find out... inside. Enjoy!

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    #38 - ... One of Them

    Greetings! After a long break it's great to be back... and we hope you feel the same! This week we're gonna talk about Us. Us and Them. And some other stuff. Rhymes with Small o'Ticks. Ultimately, we're gonna talk about what is real - and we'll even provide links! Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and... Peace on Earth, Good will toward humans.

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    #37 - ... a Prodigy

    Greetings! Best remedy for a long overdue show? How about a long show?! That's right, Never Wases... got an hour and a half of pure aural bliss: Tonight we go back... WAY back. Like decades back. We are going to talk with a bonafide prodigy, the one and only Mr. Todd Stevens - aka, XL of XL and Death Before Dishonor. We're gonna talk afros, hot sauce, people in the trees and... how to keep a marriage together in spite of them all. (Hint: it involves Jesus) Happy to be back, happy to have your time and happy to have this baby wrapped up... Enjoy!

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    #36 - ... a Shepherd

    Greetings! We return to our (somewhat) regularly scheduled programming with a very, very special guest! Once Upon a Time, there was a Girl Named... Leanor Inez Ortega Till! Nobody here named Jeff. Nope. That's right, Leanor of Five Iron Frenzy and The Fast Feeling joins us this week. We'll have us a little chat about this & that & everything else, but mostly about being her own bad self and what that means today - and in the near future. Please: Enjoy!

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    #35 - ... a Debate Master!

    Greetings! Ever found yourself in a debate with an intelligent atheist that left you walking with a slight limp? Any chance said debate was recorded for posterity, so that future generations may witness your demise for time immemorial? Well... you are not alone! This week we discuss my (potentially?) disastrous debate on Bad Christian Joey Svendsen's Pastor with No Answers Podcast, and the clobbering which ensued, with a couple amazing brothers: From Subversive Kingdom's Vox Podcast, Mike Erre and Andy Lara join us! We sort of walk back through the battlefield and see if we can learn a few things... who knows, maybe I'll sound smarter this time!? Enjoy!

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    #34 - ... a Graphic Novelist

    Greetings! This week: as true a tale of Never Was as there Ever Was! Graphic Novelist and at least occasional Stavesacre artist (See both future and past versions of How to Live with a Curse!) Joshua Howard discusses the long and winding road to realizing his dreams... and what comes after. From art school drop out to Dead @ 17 Rebirth - there's quite a story to tell. And not a small amount of the 90's, Tooth & Nail Records and a tiny little town called Dallas, TX in the middle of it all. Enjoy!

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    #33 - ... a Solo Artist

    Greetings! Welcome back Never Wases!! "Man makes the plans - and God laughs," right? Now where have we heard that before? Alas, through many a twist and turn, Never Was Podcast returns (for real... probably) and the legendary Riki Michele joins us. The following line was written and rewritten roughly 100 times, and since it never seems quite up to snuff, I'll just lay it out there: once known to some as "the girl singer in Adam Again," Riki Michele is a solo artist with her own story to tell - and a brand new album, Push, to tell it. Gather round y'all - this one goes way, way back, then lands right in the here & now. Enjoy!

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    #32 - ... a Musician

    Greetings! We are back with part 2 of my conversation with Randy Torres of NYVES and (formerly) Project 86 - and it's gonna get a little awkward. But don't worry Never Wases, we'll avoid the low hangin fruit. Mostly. Randy talks about the end of P86, the birth of NYVES and all sorts of other awesomeness. Enjoy!

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    #31 - ... a Composer

    Greetings! This week we return to traditional Never Was format: a two-part conversation with Randy Torres - doer of all sorts of amazing things, but most famously the original guitarist of Project 86. Randy and I talk life before, during & after Project and of course, all the good bits in between. Yep, we go NYVES to Water Socks. Yes, you read that right. As always: Turn it UP. Relax. Enjoy!

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    #30 - ... Omniscient

    Greetings! The first ever Podcastrophe gets a much needed follow up - and how. We wade through the aftermath of what shall forever be known as" The Star Wars Incident" - and lo & behold, something beautiful rises from the ashes. Imagine that. If you haven't listened to episode 29 yet, definitely do that before proceeding - we've made it available again, unedited and as raw as it ever was. Just know... this is here. Waiting. Ready to still the rage... or at least continue the conversation. We are joined by regular Never Was contributor, cherished friend and esteemed guest, Christopher Foley AND... we introduce a new friend: Jessica Fife! Lots of awesome to follow. Enjoy!

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    #29 - ... Omnipresent

    Greetings! Notice anything weird around here? Does anything seem slightly different? Yes? Well, that's because something IS DIFFERENT! Welcome the very first Never Was Podcastrophe! I give the necessary details on the show, but suffice to say, this is the start of a new and improved Never Was for season 2 - we'll still have guests as often as possible, but for those times in-between... YOU are the special guest. And everything shall be right in the world. What is this I speak of? Hit play and find out for yourself. Enjoy!

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    #28 - ... an Extremist

    Greetings! Three old friends walk into a bar... well, two of them were smart enough to duck, the other one is writing this terrible joke. (Whatever- it wasn't even a bar anyway, it was some cheeky community office space thing) Yes, it's true, like a three-fold cord of grumpiness, Mike Lewis of Giving is Believing, Billy Power of Urban Achiever and yours truly all got together to solve all the world's problems, right before Christmas, in the Greatest City in the World. As you've probably been dealing with any number of those problems today.... why not hang around with us an find out why we didn't get much done? (Hint: GUNNNNZ) Come! Warm yourself by the fires of the Podcastalypse, weary Never Wases! Enjoy!

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    #27 - ... First

    Greetings! Hey look... it's a new Never Was! 2015 marked the 25 year anniversary of an album largely unknown by the masses, and even by those students of passionate, artistic expression within Christendom: Sin Disease, the debut full length album from punk/alt rock pioneers, Scaterd Few (sic - but you should already know that) I spoke with Allan Aguire about the time period, the process and the experiences that went into this album so many years ago and the impact it had on me and so many others. Because this album was so important to me, I had to call in some backup: We'll hear from Sam West, former drummer of Scaterd Few and eventual drummer of Stavesacre and... Adam Again legend, will-o-wisp mystery solo-artisté and all around lovely person Riki Michele as well! LIGHTS OUUUUUUUT Enjoy!

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    #26 - ... a TV Christian

    Greetings! Where you been? Yes, I know. I know. Well, we return with one of our longest shows ever, so that should count for something! This week Matt Johnson is back, along with our good friend Mike Lewis and a few of you Never Wases, talking about... hidden messages, mysterious ways, flowers in the concrete; from the way followers of Jesus are portrayed in popular culture to why it doesn't really matter. Also: just where in the world I've been for the last two months. What does it all mean? GET IN THERE AND FIND OUT. Enjoy!

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    #25 - ... a Postman

    Greetings! Welcome back for the 2nd part of our chat with René Vasquez, aka: Peace 586! This week we go a little deeper into life after life takes over for possibly one of my favorite conversations ever. A true testament to what can happen when we've lost our way, Peace strives to tell the tale with transparency - and the result is not for the faint of heart. Take a deep breath and... Enjoy!

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    #24 - ... a Hip Hop Artist

    Greetings! This week Never Was returns with a jump into the way, way back machine: a two part episode offering a different perspective on everything from the early 90's and the Crucified to Gene Eugene and the Cornerstone Festival, former front man for hip hop group Freedom of Soul turned beat-maker/producer, René "Peace586" Vasquez, joins the show! Enjoy!

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    #23 - ... Almost There

    Greetings! Well, this week we have former Dead Poetic lead singer and current t-shirt design maven Brandon Rike! We talk about the things that mean the most to any band that ever was: love, peace, the people who mean the most and ... the Evolution of Band. Tune in for what might be the most perfect hard take on where it all leads (here's a hint: Elvis knew. Very, very briefly.) Enjoy!

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    #22 - ... a Beast

    Greetings! My conversation with Ryan Clark continues! Be sure to check out the links listed on the show page - in particular the one to the artwork of Ryan's grandfather, Al Paulsen from the Invisible Creature website. Yeah, it runs in the family. So good. So good. Enjoy!

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    #21 - ... a Polymath

    Greetings! This week we talk to artist, musician, designer and (most recently) father, Ryan Clark - we'll discuss his new project, NYVES and some rock bands you may have heard of... you know, like Demon Hunter, Training for Utopia, Focal Point... Depeche Mode. Right? And who knows, there may be a little extra mixed in there. Enjoy!

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    #20 - ... a Miracle Worker

    Greetings! Join us as the conversation continues - more of your letters, Matt Johnson and Chris Foley and a few other twists and turns. No less hard fought than last week, and though we come out with a few more scars... there is HOPE. Wanna join in the conversation? Please do. See full show notes for details!

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    #19 - ... Perfect

    Greetings! Ladies and Gentle People: Through many dangers, toils and snares... The Beginning of a Conversation is upon us. Are you in, or are you out? Still walking the Path? On a different one? Your letters, your stories and a couple special guests - Matt Johnson (formerly of Roadside Monument, Blenderhead and all sorts of awesome) and Father Christopher Foley (Eastern Orthodox clergyman and bassist of the band Luxury) take part. Think of it as a campfire in your ears. This is gonna get GOOD. Enjoy!

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    #18 - ... in Control

    Greetings! Welcome to part 2 of my conversation with one of the best drummers to ever drum the drums and make the drums drum, Jim Chaffin. This time around, things take a few turns, some expected, some quite unexpected. Can't say more - listen for yourself. Enjoy!

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    #17 - ... a Drummer

    Greetings! This week - Part 1 of my conversation with Jim Chaffin: legendary drummer of The Crucified, The Blamed and (occasionally!) Deliverance. Husband to one, father of three and beloved brother to myself and countless others, come hang out with Jim and I for a little while - it'll be good for your soul. There is simply not enough room here to express what this means to me. Over three decades of friendship, triumph and heartbreak can't really be summed up in a few lines on a screen. I invite you to take a long look back with me at the beginning, end and life after The Crucified with one of the best people I know. Enjoy - I believe you will.

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    #16 - ... in the Closet

    Greetings! This week we talk with my dear friend Sally Grayson of Black Swift (and once upon a very short time, Mortal! Kind of. Not really) about her life as an expatriate, Hugs, & more- but mostly we discuss her big dilemma: Should she out herself? Hmmm... what is THIS all about? Come on in and find out! Enjoy.

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    #15 - ... a Counselor

    Greetings! This week is a good one- oh, boy is it a good one! We hear from Chris Bowden, formerly of legendary Spirit-Filled HardCore band Focused, now the man behind Other Desert Cities - a beautiful, twangy, folky band of traveling wonderfulness. Chris talks the early days a bit but delves into darker pages of his history and let me tell you: don't miss this. Therapy comes in all shapes, sizes and... podcasts? Get in there!

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    #14 - ... a Hooker (okay... or a Comedian)

    Greetings! This week, we have a surprise visit from a Hooker! Ghoti Hook bassist Jamie Tolosa's trick arse pays us a visit while on an impromptu sabbatical to discuss life on the road, naked ska boys, bloody knuckles and of course, whiners. Enjoy!

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    #13 - ... a Floridian

    Greetings! This week: we get our Polk on, folks. Please, join me as we discover the truth about trombone players and how to drop your nephew in a ditch and live to tell the tale! I sit down with Aaron Marsh at his studio here in central Florida, The Vanguard Room, before he leaves to support his band Copeland's latest album, Ixora. Enjoy!

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    #12 - ... a Youth Pastor

    Greetings! Our second installment of "Your Letters" focuses on the song, band, film, show, etc. that changed you life forever. At least... that's how it started out. Jump in to hear your emails - and to find out what the next write-in theme will be - get yer fingers loose!!!

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    #11 - ... an Astronaut

    Greetings! Welcome to the episode that almost killed Billy Power! Ladies, gents, Cellmates... in an ironic twist we overcome our obsession over the technical aspects of good podcast audio to bring you a conversation with master producer Klayton Scott, the artist behind Celldweller & the foundation of independent media company FiXT - crafting aural masterpieces since the days of Circle of Dust, Brainchild and Argyle Park, we attempt to brave the unknown realm of... a decent sounding podcast. It was hard fought and won, but we hope you enjoy! Songs featured on this episode: CHATTERbOX - Soul Scum; AP2 - My Sympathies; Celldweller - End of an Empire

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    #10 - ... a Publisher

    Greetings! Ah, yes. Reunited and it feels so good. We missed you. Hi. Did you miss us? Anyway- this week we turn the pen around and hear from the man likely responsible for the 1st (and probably only) time you ever saw your band - or a band you know - on a magazine cover. What happens after you leave the longest-standing link between bands and the people who listen to them in physical, hard copy form? Meet: Doug Van Pelt, creator and former publisher of HM Magazine.

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    #9 - Ghost Thief of Your Heart

    Greetings! The conclusion of my talk with Bruce Fitzhugh, the most unassuming, skull-crushing metal icon ever, as we discuss wrecking the van, wrecking the band - and rising from the ashes. And his upcoming Cage Match with Phil Anselmo. And Hasidic Jews. And video games. Enjoy!

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    #8 - Gently Crushing You

    Greetings! Part 1 of my 2-part talk with Mr. Bruce Fitzhugh! Join us as we talk about the early days of Living Sacrifice and the transition that brought us the LS we know and love. And My Little Pony.

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    #7 - Outside from the Inside

    Greetings! This week, we break the ice. No other way to get it started than to get it started! Got a song or a band that affected the course of your life? A film? A book? Still remember the first time you saw that painting? I'll go first... then, it's your turn! Ready... GO!

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    #6 - From the Other Side of the Glass

    Greetings! This week I talk to legendary producer and engineer Bob Moon about Starflyer 59, MxPx, Gene Eugene, and an imaginary time called "before Tooth & Nail" - Enjoy!

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    #5 - First Shot Over the Bow

    Greetings! Since the beginning of our short journey, I've been saying that I wanted a conversation and well... I believe we have one. This week I read and answer some letters while discussing the The Dark Side, Petty Douchebaggery and The Worst Advice Ever. Enjoy!

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    #4 - Sell it All, Travel the World, Survive to Tell the Tale

    Greetings! Ever told yourself that one day you'd get rid of everything and see the world? Yeah? How's that going? This week: Meet a workin' man, artist Tony Streeter - a mere mortal, like you and me - as he talks about doing that very thing. Take a listen! (Unless you're already doing that right now, in which case... SEE IT ALL. We'll still be here when you get back.) Enjoy!

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    #3 - The Super Sportsball Bowl Special!

    Greetings! In an effort to satiate your thirst for football, the Super Bowl and of course... SCANDAL! I talk a little Seahawks vs. Patriots (and... others) with my good friends actor Vincent Stalba, MxPx guitarist Tom Wisniewski and the one and only Big Daddy JLove himself, Mr. James Reynolds. Balls, crotches and controversy galore!

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    #2 - Music (Kind of But Not Really) Ruins Everything

    Greetings! My second episode features part 2 of a 2 part talk I had with Billy Power. Billy was the vocalist, bassist and founding member of the punk band Blenderhead. From 1993-2003 he was the Operations Manager and A&R for Tooth & Nail Records. Currently he is the host of the Urban Achiever podcast and he's one of my best friends. Enjoy!

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    #1 - Know A Kind Of New Story

    Greetings! My first episode features part 1 of a 2 part talk I had with Billy Power. Billy was the vocalist, bassist and founding member of the punk band Blenderhead. From 1993-2003 he was the Operations Manager and A&R for Tooth & Nail Records. Currently he is the host of the Urban Achiever podcast and he's one of my best friends. Enjoy!

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