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What happened to me and how in the world did I end up here? This is... Never Was. Hosted by Mark Salomon.

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    #39 - ... a Nurse

    Greetings! We're back again and we brought a friend! Five Iron Frenzy's very own Reese Roper is here y'all. We talk about the beginning, the end, the afterlife and... poop. Oh and, dearest Never Wases: Basic tracks for Stavesacre's upcoming album - made possible largely by YOU - are DONE. What does that have to do with podcasts? Well, as it turns out quite a lot. Guess you just have to find out... inside. Enjoy!

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    #38 - ... One of Them

    Greetings! After a long break it's great to be back... and we hope you feel the same! This week we're gonna talk about Us. Us and Them. And some other stuff. Rhymes with Small o'Ticks. Ultimately, we're gonna talk about what is real - and we'll even provide links! Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and... Peace on Earth, Good will toward humans.

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    #37 - ... a Prodigy

    Greetings! Best remedy for a long overdue show? How about a long show?! That's right, Never Wases... got an hour and a half of pure aural bliss: Tonight we go back... WAY back. Like decades back. We are going to talk with a bonafide prodigy, the one and only Mr. Todd Stevens - aka, XL of XL and Death Before Dishonor. We're gonna talk afros, hot sauce, people in the trees and... how to keep a marriage together in spite of them all. (Hint: it involves Jesus) Happy to be back, happy to have your time and happy to have this baby wrapped up... Enjoy!

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    #36 - ... a Shepherd

    Greetings! We return to our (somewhat) regularly scheduled programming with a very, very special guest! Once Upon a Time, there was a Girl Named... Leanor Inez Ortega Till! Nobody here named Jeff. Nope. That's right, Leanor of Five Iron Frenzy and The Fast Feeling joins us this week. We'll have us a little chat about this & that & everything else, but mostly about being her own bad self and what that means today - and in the near future. Please: Enjoy!

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    #35 - ... a Debate Master!

    Greetings! Ever found yourself in a debate with an intelligent atheist that left you walking with a slight limp? Any chance said debate was recorded for posterity, so that future generations may witness your demise for time immemorial? Well... you are not alone! This week we discuss my (potentially?) disastrous debate on Bad Christian Joey Svendsen's Pastor with No Answers Podcast, and the clobbering which ensued, with a couple amazing brothers: From Subversive Kingdom's Vox Podcast, Mike Erre and Andy Lara join us! We sort of walk back through the battlefield and see if we can learn a few things... who knows, maybe I'll sound smarter this time!? Enjoy!

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    #34 - ... a Graphic Novelist

    Greetings! This week: as true a tale of Never Was as there Ever Was! Graphic Novelist and at least occasional Stavesacre artist (See both future and past versions of How to Live with a Curse!) Joshua Howard discusses the long and winding road to realizing his dreams... and what comes after. From art school drop out to Dead @ 17 Rebirth - there's quite a story to tell. And not a small amount of the 90's, Tooth & Nail Records and a tiny little town called Dallas, TX in the middle of it all. Enjoy!

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    #33 - ... a Solo Artist

    Greetings! Welcome back Never Wases!! "Man makes the plans - and God laughs," right? Now where have we heard that before? Alas, through many a twist and turn, Never Was Podcast returns (for real... probably) and the legendary Riki Michele joins us. The following line was written and rewritten roughly 100 times, and since it never seems quite up to snuff, I'll just lay it out there: once known to some as "the girl singer in Adam Again," Riki Michele is a solo artist with her own story to tell - and a brand new album, Push, to tell it. Gather round y'all - this one goes way, way back, then lands right in the here & now. Enjoy!

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    #32 - ... a Musician

    Greetings! We are back with part 2 of my conversation with Randy Torres of NYVES and (formerly) Project 86 - and it's gonna get a little awkward. But don't worry Never Wases, we'll avoid the low hangin fruit. Mostly. Randy talks about the end of P86, the birth of NYVES and all sorts of other awesomeness. Enjoy!

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    #31 - ... a Composer

    Greetings! This week we return to traditional Never Was format: a two-part conversation with Randy Torres - doer of all sorts of amazing things, but most famously the original guitarist of Project 86. Randy and I talk life before, during & after Project and of course, all the good bits in between. Yep, we go NYVES to Water Socks. Yes, you read that right. As always: Turn it UP. Relax. Enjoy!

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